Friday, April 29, 2016

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2016 Sea Turtle .... 1st Day
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2nd day session on the 2016 Sea Turtle
Oil on Canvas

Friday, March 18, 2016

Second Session 03/19/2016

Oil on cradled panel ... 18x36 (I think) .... First session. 3-18

Little tangled isands take root and spindle in the salty flats.
Waders, a collections of Yellow Legs and Snipes gather

Sunday, March 6, 2016

6x6 Luv Chunks "Untitled Floral- Pink 'n' Blues"
Acrylic on Canvas by Terrence L Cope

6x6 Chunky Untitled Floral ... Cartoons of Color
by Terrence L Cope

Sun finds openings in a canopy of oak and palms. A green soup condemns the light to time primitive. Regal and white, bright, as if it's lone purpose is to fight back the darkness. Dressed up in its finest the Egret moves center stage from a shadow world. I blend into a moment, a chance collection of passing's, time adrift in an eternity.

6x6 Chunky Floral in White
by Terrence L Cope
I know, I know, you think I'm crazy
There is this white, you think I'm lazy
Living room ..... an empty space
You have to put something in that place
You try so hard, with all your might
White spaces just don't seem right
It's acne, a pimple a blight somehow
Going crazy over nothing, having a cow
I panic, perspire, clinching my heart
To the point that it's realized I can't see the art.

Untitled Florals in Blue Shadows
by Terrence L Cope

Untitled Floral in red and earth
by Terrence L Cope

Untitled florals in green
by Terrence L Cope

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Lady Kukufer Kokopaups .... my Y2K baby

Missed you old friend.
Looked for you all night
That white muzzle haunting
The absent of light
I left the door cracked
For when you'd use your head
To open the door
When you went to bed

Sorry old friend
You always were
That bouncy old puppy
I bought from the store
I did not notice
The cancer that set
Or the arthritis 
That caused you to walk with a limp

I cherished that first day
I'll remember the last
I want back the middle
It went way to fast
Goodbye 'Paups"
To you went my heart
As I felt yours stop beating
To death we did part

Monday, January 18, 2016

Today I find myself afloat
In a starry Styrofoam boat
Surrounded by a sliver mist
On mirrored waters oh so still
Not a ripple, not a sound
Except an occasion bubble
Memories rising to break the surface
Only to be quickly quelled
And swallowed by the greyish realm
To disturb the numbness that I feel
No pain, no sadness, no anything
A perfect bliss without a care
Not to know where my soul ends
and to where my skin begins
I sit inside this light grey womb
Comforted that its to soon
To rise and face the good and bad
Of the 16 years that we once had
16 years that's gone away
16 years that ends today
No sadness as I held your head
As you slipped away from me
And my hand that felt your last heart beat
No tears as you melted on the floor
As I stood and walked out the door
Into this numbness was set adrift
Aimlessly within my ship
On an ocean void of waves
captured in this brittle haze
My mind numb in this silent fog
I tell myself it was just a dog.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Self Portrait ..... in memory
8x10 Clay on Canvas

Numbing lines that repeat
over and over
Echoed inside this continuous lie
looping sound, the "Sucking of Oxygen"
Sharp speak the wall of this poor man politic
Entertainment .... Dull glint of facts 
.... hypnotized .... and then we come back ...
TV Talking heads dance on a paycheck
It's so easy to attack a Truth
Harder to make war with the past.
For there is but one past .. you know?
While the Future hides inside countless scenarios.
There's merchants in your temple
how much will it cost 
what will be the profit
When we add up the loss
to own the past? write history?
Ponder insanity .... That's the mystery

Thoughts confuse me?
Is Truth just bread for the masses..... ?
Is Truth as it seems the American Dream?
Is Truth Perfection? Is Truth Control?
Is Truth justice and the American Way?
Is Truth the Lie that everyone knows?
Is Truth just a thing won in a war?
Truth does it change with times passing?
No .... Truth is just pasta a twist in a boil
..... Truth are just lies that got stuck to a wall.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Primitive Silver Seas 10"x10" acrylic and silver leaf on canvas
Artist Terrence L Cope ... click image for larger view

Soul Surfer
to Linda Wherever
I ride faint glimpses of form
Color, A distant crash of satellites 
 Soft skinned creatures ... warm
A clock's tick that never comes
Unstrung guitars ..... play their tunes
While oceans dance around the moon
Softly through the night they twirl
This endless waltz of stars and worlds
and inside heaven's light they'll hide 
To block the sun and rise the tide
eclipsing souls ....lashed to dreams
afloat on the moon's reflected beam 
star light, star bright, first star tonight
 I make this wish with all my might
to surf her stars ...... and touch her skin
to be with her when time begins... 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Soul Surfer 389 16x20 Acrylics on Canvas by Cope