Saturday, October 30, 2010

I feel so lost
Hopeless, sad
Things I want today
Things I love
Are so far away
Things, pretty things
Once made me happy
Are now tarnished
A band of gold
Pawned and sold
Inside the clutter
For without your love
There is no water
And these seeds
Planted and tilled
Die in the dust
Things needed to survive
This late in life
Are killing me slowly
For without you I die
I struggle against straps
I gnaw and I cry
And stare at the sky
I cannot see you
Such dim light
This dark of despair
For it's you I breathe
My future found
At the movies end
As I close my eyes

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Late night
Can’t sleep
Nothing new
Same as the last
Silent, Quiet
My mind races
Better times
Maybe tomorrow

Saturday, October 23, 2010

She lies hidden
In tall grass
Great sienna oceans
Sway in the breeze
The lioness
Stalks in shadows
She sees my passion
Her hair catches the wind
Ivory Black,
Burnt like bone 
Dark as coal
Her body is Smooth
Like skin
Hot, wet and white
Against the night
Warm Savannah rains,
Lightning in distant thunder
Purple mists clings to twilight
Obscuring our presence
Hiding our intent
Carving our souls,
With a killer’s touch
 Claiming us free and innocent  
For we are Wild,
Like the clouds that rage
Inside a painter’s brush
Or an artist’s palette
Collecting the night 
With all its splendor
Random strokes
Laid out as a tapestry
For all to see
For all to fear
Yes, we see you
We see in the dark
We have your scent
We smell your blood
And together we hunt,
And together we kill
And together we feed
This heart of the lion.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Magic was the city
Olden in it's charm
The moon strools
  It's Alleys and court yards
As Achellis sleeps nearby
And you
Never more beautiful
Etched in a moment
In the velvety night
Became a fantasy
Ever so Sweet
Like chocolate
Dipped in honey
Touched to your lips
No ! more like a dream
To which
I never wish to wake
We hold one another
ever so tight
Afraid to let go 
Time, ticking 
sweeping us away
A perfect day
White horsed carraiges 
echos the ancient streets
with a million stories
dark and deep
Of love and romance
holding us prisoner
adding us to the conquered 
with just the flip of the tarrot
Your heart became mine
And my soul, yours
Yes, atop the hill
Overlooking the square
We heard the song
Of young lovers
In the church
Soon to be wed
We were children again, 
In love, again
For the first time, again
We could hear the sounds
We could hear the city breathe, 
We could feel the Music,
and Seductive

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dust rises in the moon light
Shining through the boards
And cracks in the wall
Oil lamps flicker
From my master's house
Strange is this light
That floats o’er the fields
The cotton is stilled
In the deep air of August
Reflection on moist skin
Warm, black as night
Smooth and alive
I watch as it rises
With each passing breath
I’m sensing your youth
For older was I,
A slave to another
Son of a warrior
African decent
Sweat soaked and naked
Louisiana plantation
Sounds of the South
Prayer speak, voodoo
Softly spoken incantations
Night sounds 
Strange cicada
Gator and cotton mouth
Hum of mosquitoes 
Roll of the gar
Blind is the old man
Who rattles his bones
Under oaks draped in moss
Near the dark bayou waters
They bred us as cattle
They used us for barter
Yet you were so gentle
You stuck in my mind
Bearing my child
They dragged you away
Oft'times I've wondered
Where you may have gone to
But I died a year later
In the first part of May
We'd known one another
And old were our souls
Young were our bodies
All shackled and chained
Yet time keeps moving
It's funny how it happen
I'm driving my car
Stopped for no reason 
Just for one moment
Then suddenly I saw you
Turning you smiled
For having remembered
That life long ago 
In a time far away

Friday, October 8, 2010

"Study in red - No17" 8x10 Pen and Ink on Fabriano
by Terrence L Cope "Click for larger image"

Last night ,
I lie awake, dreaming,
Of live's past, you and I.
You had looked into my eyes,
And knew who I was,
On that bench, you remembered,
A long time ago.
Stopping, you sat beside me,
We had known one another,
We may have been lovers,
In live's long ago.
Like Cairo, before the pyramids,
We sat in the tall grass,
We stared at the sky,
We gazed at constellations,
I named a star after you,
The one in the heart of the Lion?

Sunday, October 3, 2010

"Untitled Oct 3, 2010" 8x10 Pencil and Ink on Paper
by Terrence L Cope

Her eyes
Dark as the ocean
Deep as my soul
As wax to flame
Time Crawls
As it races eternity
In her eyes
I stare at the light
Hang on each moment
Each sound
Each word
Feable in attempt
I place in brush
I recant in words
My love.