Thursday, December 30, 2010

"Untitle sketch" 2010 8.5x11 Pen and ink from my sketches during New Orleans visit

In the thin grey light of morning
Twelve roses lie down red and dying
Dampened by the drops of rain
That tap against my window pane
A killers soul that burns with fire
This dawn holds on to love's desire
A Street lamp glows, it's time grows short
While day awaits this night's retort
In the blanket fog and satin sheets
A clock breaks up the silent sleep
It ticks onto the beating heart
That watches from the distant chair
I disturb you from your deepest sleep
Make love to you soft and slow
For soon I must take my leave
For soon it is my time to go

"Dreams and geishas" 8x11 Pen and inks from the sketchbook of Terrence L Cope.

"Blue girl in New Orleans 2010" ; 8x10 pen, ink and pastel from the sketchbook.

Into my city's sleep
Day! Light casting shadow
A passerby walks discreet
This ancient road, this cobbled street
Standing water reflects the sky
It's stories rise above my head
Wicked things are not denied
As this city lays me down to bed

Monday, December 20, 2010

Cold and dark our life begins
A journey starts, a journey ends
Armies of the countless souls

Flash and wither like dust in fire
Ever so bright this Meteorite
Dies to give this darkness light
As soon as it was, it is no more
For few will touch these golden shores
So burn bright this glorious night
Together we light up the skies

With all the souls that are around
And all the fires that do abound
We form the sun, a star that shines
For it is our time...........It is our time

Saturday, December 18, 2010

The lights are low and I can see the mirror ball dance in your eyes. There was not a thought in our heads to leave the dance floor yet. There was not a notion to let go of one another. It had taken a long journey of life's responsibilities, broken dreams and dead ends to get to the point where we are now. We were at last happy and in each others arms. On the dance floor, under the soft lights is where we wanted to be. Everyone had gone to their seats but we stayed and kissed for the world to see our love. We kissed and the band started playing .....

Friday, December 17, 2010

We stumble and fall past a once distant future
  Resigning to live out the rest of our days
Wrapped in thoughts, lost dreams we created
  Cold, naked, we shiver in the beds that we made
Blue-violet shadows a thin dust of snow
  Reflects in the din, the demise of the fall
Captured in ice that hangs on the branches
  Birds have long flown with the chilling winds call
And the water runs clear in this light of the dusk
  Washing our souls of the sins from within
A focus that shifts, my mind off and wanders
  With setting suns dancing like balls on the ocean
Its soft dying light paints this storm driven sea
  Surfing the swells as she slips ‘neath the white foam
A ghost wind cries openly … mourns to be free
  Footprints are wiped from the sand in its passing
For I must bear witness of God’s greatest gifts
 To stand alone in attendance, but not for the asking
As most of my life was this struggle within
  Yet I notice the beauty that’s always around me
That is frozen and barren by the cold cleansing rain
  And down the sidewalks and into the gutter
My crimson blood flows deep, dark and divine
  A cross bears my name, available in colors, assorted
I choose one that matches the sound of my dying
  I choose the sad song of the lone gull, high o’er the water,
No sight of the land, just the dark angry sea
  The winter winds tatter its wings seeking shelter
The ice tears its skin, shredded and boned
  As the car turns the corner a mile from its home
Wipers they strain to stay in the headlights
  There’s nothing on TV …… and I’m home all alone.