Wednesday, July 27, 2011

P-51B Red Wrecker III, Charcoal and Chalk 11x17 by Terrence L Cope

When I became a man

I put aside those things   of children

As I began to gray

I sought to be that child again.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

am a monster
who dreamed
he woke
and found himself a man
and it scared me ......

I’m puzzled at chimes Of nursery rhymes
 and children’s books.
That silent cry, child-like whimpers,
Inaudible tremblings of crooks
Lost in the woods,
A break of the twig that lay in our way,
That shuffle of leaves in a shadow's cast
Short is this path ‘neath their boney branches,
nothing more and nothing less
the slightest of breeze, the softest of rain,
the short hand of time erasing our passing
We listen to only the notes that we choose
Acting surprised at the way that you answered
When did you decided to leave the woods?Leaving your toys, the bear and the owl
Abandoning things once deemed important,
To embrace the fears of graying years.
Forgetting to laugh,  
Trying to be strong as your heart just grew tired,
Your hands too frail to hold on to the rails,
And the future, a joke,
A collecton of mirrors that show what’s behind you
Life capsulated inside the honey jar,
 A few lines remembered, jotted down,
A few lines from the book of a child 
To capture your life undefined
Lost in a struggle,
Words and pieces in the puzzle of “you”
Now nothing remains of those days in the sun
Still ....
..... you finally got back
to that house at Pooh corner by one.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

"Seaplane a study of the Rufe," 20x30 Oil on resinfibered multimedia. 2011 Terrence L Cope
Morning Sketch in Carcoal, a study. July 5th, 2011 by Terrence L Cope, click for larger image

breathe deep, the air holds many things,
and within its blue comes those with wings.
circle the osprey, the glide of a gull, 
my mind oft'n wanders with their lofty call.
To touch the land,
To feel the sky
surreal in its frameing,
this melding of seasons,
 inside abstractions,
inscribed on my soul
with the place of no naming
in a time with no passing