Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Evening's Son .......

"The evening's son ... August 19, 2012" by terrernce l cope

Dark the clouds which hide the shadows
Loudly sounds a silenced cry
A change does come ... I asked so kindly
What is this? ...  with no reply,
Once I asked aloud the stars.
So bright their light upon the night
Now a crow amoungst the stones
Of countless names it would recite
Oh silly one, have you not noticed?
They took away your precious sun.
Why? I pondered for consoling
From gathered clouds of black, forboading
As along this path I just kept going
It would not matter anyway.
For in my time I made my fun,
within a moment resides my day.
Upon my faith I've felt the son.
and upon my face a cleansing rain.
Prepare me for eternal passing
Remove lifes sweet and mortal pain.
I do not dread the clouds arrival
Or the peace that sits in coming slumbers.
Or those petty things and tortured trials
Or the loves I lost in hearts survival
Or strife, addictions that rot and wither
This fading gifted gentle soul
That grew up in the golden times
Warm within my thoughts do ponder
The fruit that grew upon the vine.