Sunday, June 27, 2010

Pretty toys under glass
Pretty toys polished gleam
Surround myself with pretty toys
Perfect space twixt and ‘tween
Pretty Toys neat on shelves
Give me comfort, grouped, displayed
Proof, existence, museum’ed self
Monuments to mind at play
Treasures told and strange it seems
Made to show but never seen
So I sit within my room
At my desk and in the gloom
Never a sigh, complain or deny
Why they are, and why am I
Or wonders lost in travels took,
Joyous sights and final looks
Of wonderous times of God at play
When comes my time to fade away.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

In my heart you beat, alive
Straws ..... Within my grasp 
A wisp of Smoke, passing thought
There.....but not
seek ....not have
nothing sad ....
Possesion -Love -Want
I don't know
Nor do I care
We dance and dance
To a music not heard
Or a sound so faint
Coreographed by time
eternally together.
eternally forever.
Yet I reach for you
To grasp at air
Is to touch the fog
You own my soul 

Sunday, June 20, 2010

As light's hue settles outside the shadow
Of a sun once strong and proud
Of warmth and light for all to follow
Washed in white my little town
My little town draws long its shade
O’er street and door and passerby
Scarlet rays they dance and play
On cloud, tree and buildings high
Yet for us this end of day
Ushers in a blackest night
And to this a sorrow comes
As stars command the fading light
I find myself and think of you
Knowing of this love once found
As all the wrongs that we made right
Are asleep inside my little town
Sleep comes hard lately
Night passing quickly
As the green light
Of the clock face
Stirs up the shadows
My mind races
Over things you said
Over things you did
Mid night retorts
Rolling in anger
Over and Over
This to say
Build and Build
Build and Build
Till I see no begining
I can see no end
I can’t sleep
Green glow
Screams three
Morning silence
Electric quiet 
Not a stir just that buzz
That white noise
I watch numbers
Roll in slow mo
Counting existance
I go back
But the fight is gone
For now, sleep 
I just need sleep
Who invented this?
This fucking color! 
Noise from the alarm
Talk radio, this time
I hit the snooze
I forgot why
But I can tell
Will be long.

Done .....

At an age things change
Plans were made
There was time
I wanted to find someone
Build something
There was time
I had a plan
Turn to a gift
When I grow old
There was time
I did not take into account
There would be noone
There would be nothing
And I would not be young.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

"You have a nice collection of heads, sir"
The man turned and said; "Why thank you!
I always liked a little head."

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Monday, June 14, 2010

don't want
to go
Please can
stay A
little while longer.
won't be any trouble
won't get in your way
It's just,
want to be here
want to be with you.
want it
to be
like it was.
What did
do wrong?
do anything
me? I
don't want to go

Monday, June 7, 2010

Image Transfer/ Acrylic Painting by TL Cope

It was all over the TV
You couldn't get away
A callous formed
News, day after day
Turning to Apathy
America was motivated
Then bored to
a point we no longer felt.
Today we still sit in
Today we sit in
Our heros seek Basheba
While corporations
lay waiste our lands
Feed our greed
Yet! This day
America burned
With a fire so hot
A young man
From the World Trade Center
A camera
catches this moment
This one image
This one person
This one day
Reminds me of
The thousands.
Reminds me of

Sunday, June 6, 2010

"Tired Angels" a study, 2009 Graphite on paper; click for larger image

There's a feel
You know that feel
 the feel of the air at summers end
A last night out with a good friend
To talk all night as time stills
So soft is that touch to your skin
that says change
Passing thoughts that  you don't recognize
Absorbed in a moment
Present in time
Future doesn't matter,
and words don't rhyme
The page is not ready to turn
But you are already preparing
You don't know it
Or, you do but
this moment
this moment
hasn't passed
I feel the pages end
Let it come when it comes
Don't want to go
Starting to understand
I know I have to leave
I know I will
And in my time
I hope I go with grace
Nor overstay my time

There is something
about the flag ....
I am feeling a bit light.
That's right....
Red,White and Blue
 the new black....

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Weary, my angels,
Stand by side,
As protectors,
To dying kings.
Duty bound,
To purpose,
For a cause,
Long lost,
Long forgotten.
In crimson hues
of dying light.
In the dust
Of ones we loved
We are,
in battle's midst,
Some to fight,
Some to sleep,
N'er to wake,
So sets the sun
Blanket dark
And rest,
My angels,

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I like to do
the things I like
to do
I do these things for me
I like getting lost in detail
I like getting away from you
No offense but
People are hard to be around
I either have to concentrate
Or I have to live in fear
Fear that people
Won’t except me
Find my weakness
Think bad
Sometimes I don’t like
Who I am
Where I am
Sometimes I don’t like
I just like being lost in detail
This picture
This painting
Represents more than what you see
Represents more than a moment
For in its creation
You could not hurt me.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It was gray all around
Strong and haunting like giants
I see its face and want to hide
Inside is shelter
Inside I will be safe
The winds pick up and the cool
races over my face
I stay outside to welcome the storm
It is no stranger to me