Saturday, September 25, 2010

"My garden -sketch" 8x10 Acrylic, ink and pastel on paper
by Terrence L Cope "click for larger image"

Petals of iron-rust and verdi, water falls down velvet sleaves
Swaying fro in winter’s breeze which dances with the dark knight

My garden rests atop a hill and echoes through the evening still
while dew drops rest where spiders build webs of silver moon light.
Artists scream apocalypse on building brick and metal rails
Desperadoes seeking canvas nails that lie scattered in the shadows
A path alights with fireflys to guide us up the sandy knoll
The cat that sits in ambush knows the mystic of this moon-white glow
Don’t be afraid, come my love,Take my hand,I’ve things to show
A moon above the sky below and I’ll teach you how my garden grows.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

"Sketch in blue light" 2010 Pencil and pastel on paper
by Terrence Cope "click for larger image"

Oft’ times
find myself
Bright Lights
Stuck in limbo
with dying suns
and desert moons
Ride the time out
Where are you?
Grow Cold
To the bone
Give way
I am sinking
Down, down
Violet-grey clouds
This days sun
Dying Rays
An aged hand
It's many fingers
reach out
None find me
I close my eyes
Feel the warmth fade
she had come to the party
Without invitation
Wearing a costume
I did not recognize you
It is then
And only then
Wash over me
Like winter rains
Those single moments
Frozen time
Are mine
Are far away
I miss you
When I close my eyes

Saturday, September 18, 2010

"Something" 8x10 Graphite and Ink on Paper by Terrence L Cope
click for larger image

     I squint through sun light reflecting on a line of, as they sit idling on the highway. Like tiny ants in a line we march our ways to and fro, restricted to this pavement like the paths of our lives, Cocooned in steel and plastic, stereo blasting, I stare blankly with no thought, neither happy nor sad. We speak not words, we speak the language of cars, we know who we are by what we drive. Our deepest thoughts are laid out through a few choice words on a bumper sticker, a flag on the mirror or balls hanging from a trailer hitch. I have traveled this road a thousand times before and not a soul do I know yet we are brothers and we share the same mind. Red lights dance in the rising heat as to guide me on my way, but I cannot move and I must stay for we are America.....
...... and we are going home.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

"The Pier" 14x18 Oil on Canvas by Terrence L Cope

The Sun, which rises in your eyes, hides my love and in you my soul can’t be denied it’s place in heaven.In time we might lose sight of our dreams, like ships away at sea, just know my love will be waiting for you in heaven.Love’s like this candle which flickers in its light; holding back the night. It's life will one day dim and fade, yet one look at you and all's OK in heaven. And at night I call your name; all the stars don’t look the same and should you ever fall from grace, you can take my place in heaven.

"Self portrait - study" 18x24 Graphite, Ink and Pastel on Multimedia Resin Board
Sept 2010 Terrence L Cope click for larger image

            Time sets on a million hollowed eyes, squinting, staring dazed through silver shadows
           Shallow screams, ghost town, Angry words echo the empty halls, graffiti prayers ....its time .... we must go
     Bluest eyes I’ve ever seen, tangled loves and broken dreams, as cars collide outside, careening in slo-motion
     Souls depart on the next flight out, leaving only debris, broken glass , and memorials to their passing
     Headlights blind, my mind and white lines, blur, forever eternal, to the roar of steel belts on asphalt
     Everything I'd ever sought never came my way, except flashes of your silly smile and stupid things you’d say
     Small shower of a cigarette glow explodes on the road, Take a drink and light another, breathing deep
     Exhale, grey smoke, like a ghost, rises and dances in vails that disapear out a windows crack
     Check the rearview mirror, ten years lie behind and I still remember ..... must keep driving ....
     Have not traveled far enough, far enough to forget, monotony repeats itself and their's no time for a rest .......

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

"Untitled 09-08-10" Pen, Ink and Pastel on Fabriano by Terrence L Cope
click for larger image

I can't stop thinking
Rain beating on tin roofs
Rust shows its age
I turn to sleep
I like to sleep
It's the rainy season
Humid, Sticky
I watch insects
As they dance to the light
Seeking it's end
On one so bright.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

"Duck. a revisit" Pen, ink and Pastel on Fabriano 8x10 by Terrence L Cope
click for larger image

Saturday, September 4, 2010

"September 4th" Sketch on Fabriano 8x10, by Terrence L Cope
click for larger image

All the children are grown today, like dreams, they've up and gone their way
While we sit as trees that've taken root, make beleiving we are clouds
and grasp that freedom from our thoughts and shout these deeds aloud,
Yet Shallow and small, this need to feel some "purpose by design"
We search and pray for fathers grace to provide some sort of sign,
A simple smile, some simple feat, you know, change our water into wine,
Or better yet, a nod of head, a passing glance .... sent our way,
As if to say ... we did alright ................... we did OK
Still we grasp for something gone, we know not what but something's wrong
We reach for times sacrifial dreams, you remember, schoolyard themes, 
Ones that once defined your being, all those songs you sang along with
Yet as we breathe, we continue to dance to whatever music's that was played
And we dance, and dance in those clouds above until we dance our dreams away.

Friday, September 3, 2010

When I