Saturday, February 26, 2011

Do not embrace these windswept leaves that brown within the winter trees, that blow away like scattered ash to lie alone while shadows past and silver suns set ‘pon your head and flowers bloom to make your bed. Pay no heed to those which stand and judge the work of God and the toll of time upon your face, upon your soul, those tattered scars, that promised life, forever marred, and seek that love within the dark and hold me in these waning years.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

O’ Linda with the brightest eyes, stands alone, black dress that silhouette those years that passed,  your children gone, you look around, there’s something’s wrong. It’s all changed, the mirror doesn’t reflect that girl who twirls and sways to candle light and barefoot soul, those songs upon the record, play away your yesterdays and inside a dream you dance alone with shadows on the wall.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ancient marbled mountains recede in winter's icy flow
Blue sapphire envelopes the spot where I often stand
Eye of sorcerers, glare and wander in dark angry spaces
Bird’s o prey glides the thermals high above this shadow land
My silhouette is long; it taints the mists that swirl inside the water's fall
I alone, within myself, can hear the quiet mountain’s call
Against this cold I cup my hand into a fist, as if to hold a tiny rock
And carefully I take it all and calmly put it deep within my pocket
I turn myself against the cold; I turn my thoughts against the snow
I warm my heart inside the sun that spots the dyeing forest floor
Brown and wasted, crisp it crackles as I ramble down its mighty slope
My soul once touched the face of God, for here is where he gave me hope
But now I’m lost in cityscape, and humanity covers like greying moss
I try to breathe the petrol air, and within its stress my life is lost.
To escape would be my only hope; sanctuary’s found in nature's charm
Sadly though,  to return to what I love the most will only do my lover harm
So I walk amongst my kind, drifting through its alleys, networking, searching
And in those lost a solace times my soul travels to that place I once called friend.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

there are phases
in my life,
things of interest,
things to share with my father
as time passes
on a continuous stream
of hopefuls dreams
of broken sceams
to hold on to
often times
make no sense,
seem to clutter
that futile feeling
that all is for not,
that when it's over it goes with you
hangs over my head
Like a dark cloud
questioning the reasons
For what is the use
I capture it in pictures
to revisit this journey 
and this again I question
what quest do I take with me
in the ending of my days
In my reach for heaven
what do I take from here
What was this light
That once felt love?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It's not a struggle, these demons I wrestle.
For me, feel not sorry, for it's just my way.
My obsession is control. I mean you no harm,
don't be afraid, please, don't be alarmed
For you scare me more than you realize.
To walk amongst the living is the greatest of fears
for I wish to hide in my head, live in my lies
find comfortable depressions, solice in the dark
I don't wish to come out, to do so is painful 
This fear of my failures is a strain on my heart
but to stand alone, by myself and look in your eyes
I peak around walls and stumble outside