Wednesday, July 31, 2013

"Parakeet" 16x20 Oil on canvas by T L Cope
Click for larger image
Motionless, shades of simple thoughts to guide our course
We look upon another to create our worth, simple thoughts
We look upon another to judge our deeds, simple thoughts 
And we stand beautiful naked, and we call ourselves colors
we call ourselves colors, and we call ourselves colors

Monday, July 29, 2013

Marker sketch inspiration from the head .... click to view larger image

In the war a battle rages high upon these empty pages to lay my soul up to the ages for fear my life's in vain ....

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Saturday, July 27, 2013

July 27 2013 "To Catch the Sun"

"To catch the sun" 16x20 Oil on Canvas by Terrence L Cope 2013

Deep within the shadow's grey
Webs we made prove strong today
I understand it though ....
comfortable ya' know?
nothing here to harm me anyway
the spider and me are old friends
She drains this life slowly'
It does not hurt anymore
Numb .... restrained
I find myself entertained,
recited lines of long dead actors
B-movie heroes
Cancelled sitcoms
free downloads
raped from some talented soul
that wanted to share in hopes to be fed
Self medicated by a cold dead light
TV screens paint the walls
While my soul dies without a fight
Sometimes in the dead of night
My palms reach out to hold the sun
my fingers they do seek your warmth
As through them passing time does spill
Tonight, tonight I will recall our dreams
Words we spoke
Promises and sound
Boats on the river
Bright Cathedrals
Horse drawn carriages
Sounded echo of old streets
One lone silhouette in the crowded city
Life was alight in my grasp
A sun burning hot that night
But I start to feel the web
A silken orb cradles familiar
Aged, old, its all I know
I miss you, forgive me
I cannot move
I cannot break free
I cannot catch the sun you see.