Friday, March 18, 2016

Second Session 03/19/2016

Oil on cradled panel ... 18x36 (I think) .... First session. 3-18

Little tangled isands take root and spindle in the salty flats.
Waders, a collections of Yellow Legs and Snipes gather

Sunday, March 6, 2016

6x6 Luv Chunks "Untitled Floral- Pink 'n' Blues"
Acrylic on Canvas by Terrence L Cope

6x6 Chunky Untitled Floral ... Cartoons of Color
by Terrence L Cope

Sun finds openings in a canopy of oak and palms. A green soup condemns the light to time primitive. Regal and white, bright, as if it's lone purpose is to fight back the darkness. Dressed up in its finest the Egret moves center stage from a shadow world. I blend into a moment, a chance collection of passing's, time adrift in an eternity.

6x6 Chunky Floral in White
by Terrence L Cope
I know, I know, you think I'm crazy
There is this white, you think I'm lazy
Living room ..... an empty space
You have to put something in that place
You try so hard, with all your might
White spaces just don't seem right
It's acne, a pimple a blight somehow
Going crazy over nothing, having a cow
I panic, perspire, clinching my heart
To the point that it's realized I can't see the art.

Untitled Florals in Blue Shadows
by Terrence L Cope

Untitled Floral in red and earth
by Terrence L Cope

Untitled florals in green
by Terrence L Cope