Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dreaming in ghosts, gray days and echoes
Trees on the hill are the first ones to fall
Lowly leafs dangle, cling in defiance
Doomed to the ground around the stone wall
Crisp is the sting of a sun cold and frozen
Bundled, I shudder and shrink in its bite
Walking alone, I wonder how you are
I strain for a vision in the cold winter light
Seeing my voice as I say your name slowly
See every breath of the last words you said
Things that you say are kept in my pocket
While pictures of you are played in my head
Passing in shadows, this haunting of twilight
My collar is turned towards the bone chilling air
Alone with my thoughts and the sounds of my passing
Holding tight to a love of someone so rare
These skies are all empty, the birds have abandoned
The grass and this city sleep 'neath the frost
Streetlights are wrapped in a halo of cold rain
And I remain vigil on this long winter's walk.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

In my darkest hour
No light to reach my eyes
Tempests rage outside these walls
And nowhere can I hide
Worlds they slip beneath the sea
Dreams that die when worlds collide
Future's nothing but whispered words
Lost adrift on moon swept tides
Yet, just when comes the blackest black
 When sounds of life all subside
The love of you comes to be
And lights a pathway deep inside
For you, my soul, my everything
A silent candles flickered light
This lighthouse in a raging sea
A breath of life within a fight
Peace, she’s flowing back to me
The morning’s hope appears in sight
I set my course to see your glow
You rise the day .... deny the night