Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Primitive Silver Seas 10"x10" acrylic and silver leaf on canvas
Artist Terrence L Cope ... click image for larger view

Soul Surfer
to Linda Wherever
I ride faint glimpses of form
Color, A distant crash of satellites 
 Soft skinned creatures ... warm
A clock's tick that never comes
Unstrung guitars ..... play their tunes
While oceans dance around the moon
Softly through the night they twirl
This endless waltz of stars and worlds
and inside heaven's light they'll hide 
To block the sun and rise the tide
eclipsing souls ....lashed to dreams
afloat on the moon's reflected beam 
star light, star bright, first star tonight
 I make this wish with all my might
to surf her stars ...... and touch her skin
to be with her when time begins...