Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Self Portrait ..... in memory
8x10 Clay on Canvas

Numbing lines that repeat
over and over
Echoed inside this continuous lie
looping sound, the "Sucking of Oxygen"
Sharp speak the wall of this poor man politic
Entertainment .... Dull glint of facts 
.... hypnotized .... and then we come back ...
TV Talking heads dance on a paycheck
It's so easy to attack a Truth
Harder to make war with the past.
For there is but one past .. you know?
While the Future hides inside countless scenarios.
There's merchants in your temple
how much will it cost 
what will be the profit
When we add up the loss
to own the past? write history?
Ponder insanity .... That's the mystery

Thoughts confuse me?
Is Truth just bread for the masses..... ?
Is Truth as it seems the American Dream?
Is Truth Perfection? Is Truth Control?
Is Truth justice and the American Way?
Is Truth the Lie that everyone knows?
Is Truth just a thing won in a war?
Truth does it change with times passing?
No .... Truth is just pasta a twist in a boil
..... Truth are just lies that got stuck to a wall.