Monday, January 18, 2016

Today I find myself afloat
In a starry Styrofoam boat
Surrounded by a sliver mist
On mirrored waters oh so still
Not a ripple, not a sound
Except an occasion bubble
Memories rising to break the surface
Only to be quickly quelled
And swallowed by the greyish realm
To disturb the numbness that I feel
No pain, no sadness, no anything
A perfect bliss without a care
Not to know where my soul ends
and to where my skin begins
I sit inside this light grey womb
Comforted that its to soon
To rise and face the good and bad
Of the 16 years that we once had
16 years that's gone away
16 years that ends today
No sadness as I held your head
As you slipped away from me
And my hand that felt your last heart beat
No tears as you melted on the floor
As I stood and walked out the door
Into this numbness was set adrift
Aimlessly within my ship
On an ocean void of waves
captured in this brittle haze
My mind numb in this silent fog
I tell myself it was just a dog.